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State of AI, Data Quality, and More: Top 10 Links From Across the Web

Here's our October 2020 roundup of good reads and podcast episodes that might be relevant to you as a data professional:

1. Multiplayer Editing: a Pragmatic Approach (Hex)

Data collaboration startup Hex published a great long read on its approach to live collaboration . Written by software engineer Mac Lockard, it takes a look at the respective pros and cons of Operational Transforms and Conflict-free Replicated Data Types (CRDTs), before explaining the solution that Hex adopted. Inspired by Figma's hybrid approach, it can also be described as "Atomic Operations (AO), as all edits to application state are broken down to their smallest atomic parts." "If the application you are building can rely on last-writer-wins semantics, Atomic Operations might provide a more pragmatic approach," the post concludes. This is a highly recommended read if you are pondering about a similar decision.  

Data Science, Data Analytics, Data Engineering and Artificial Intelligence: 11 Online Courses You Should Check Out

With COVID-19 forcing almost one billion people to shelter in place around the world, many people have turned to new activities, such as drawing, baking, gardening… or online learning. If that doesn't sound like you, don't feel guilty by any means – sometimes, surviving is enough! But if you want to get more knowledgeable about data science, data engineering and artificial intelligence, we are here for you.

This is why we came up with this list of courses that can help you prepare for a future job in the data field, upgrade your existing skills, or just satisfy your personal curiosity. From free entry-level courses to full-time bootcamps, here's our selection for you to check out:

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