Meet our Track Hosts

Data practitioners from our community

Melanie Goetz (Data Science Track)

Head of Machine Learning | Clover Health

Melanie is the Head of Machine Learning at Clover Health, a health insurance startup in San Francisco. She studied Math/Computer Science and Linguistics/Philosophy at MIT, and dropped out of a machine learning PhD at UPenn. Previously, she worked on Japanese-English machine translation, Bayesian modeling for database performance, natural language processing for business analytics, and most recently at Twitter on data engineering for ad analytics.

Melanie Goetz
Sasha Ovsankin

Sasha Ovsankin (Data Engineering Track)

Data & Analytics Engineer | Uber

Sasha is presently a Data and Analytics Engineering Manager at Uber. During his long career as a software engineer, he's led the full development cycle (from concept to prototype to release to optimization) for software products in areas such as content and relevance, distributed systems and calability, eCommerce, digital media and medical imaging. His recent interests include Machine Learning/AI, functional programming (Scala, in particular) and Big Data (Spark, Hadoop).

Sasha has a Master's Degree in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics from Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Robert Winslow (Data Startups Track)

Consulting Developer

Robert is a seasoned software consultant with a decade of experience shipping great products. He thrives in early-stage startup environments, and works primarily in Go, Python, and Rust. He has led backend development at companies like RankScience and; created a rigorous, open-source time-series benchmarking suite for InfluxData; and rapidly prototyped software in a skunkworks-type product lab. He’s taught graduate statistics at GalvanizeU and mentored at the Stanford He helps maintain Google’s FlatBuffers project, one of the world’s fastest serialization libraries. A colleague once described him as the developer equivalent of ‘The Wolf’ from ‘Pulp Fiction’.

Robert Winslow