Hung Dang

CEO / CTO | Y42

Now founder of Y42, Hung started his career in the live-event business. In 2014, he co-founded "Party like Gatsby", a global event series hosting more than 100,000 guests. Driven by thin margins, he developed his own data analytics tool in 2016. Similar to AWS, the tool soon became a company of its own under the name "Mitra Intelligence". Mitra hit a nerve and was acquired in 2018 by a MDAX (German Fortune 100) company. There, Hung, advised the CXO/VPs leading the data platform initiatives w/ a team of 30+ and executing a global rollout. However, Hung was far from finished and did not want to settle for a corporate career: in 2020, he put most of his money back into the business intelligence startup that would eventually become Y42.

Hung Dang