Zach Kulis

Director, Software Engineering, Conversational AI | Capital One

Zach Kulis leads Conversational AI algorithms and software engineering at Capital One. In2017, he led the development of the Natural Language Processing (NLP) stack for Eno, CapitalOne’s multi-channel Conversational AI.

Today, he’s involved in the development of Eno’s nextgeneration AI capabilities. His work encompasses natural language understanding (NLU),dialogue management (DM), natural language generation (NLG), and ML-assisted data labeling.Before joining Capital One, Zach developed ML models and techniques to detect real-timemalware injection on embedded processors using electromagnetic emission fingerprinting. Priorto the ML frenzy, Zach spent ten years as an embedded software engineer, developingoptimized algorithms for real-time computer vision, speech recognition, robotics, GPS, andinertial navigation systems.

Zach Kulis