Paula M. Petrone

Senior Consultant, Life Sciences Europe | Health Catalyst

Paula Petrone has a decade’s experience implementing novel technology and analytics to support decision-making in the life science industry. With an entrepreneurial spirit, she has worked in academia, pharma, biotech and health IT startups.

A PhD in Biophysics from Stanford University, her field of expertise has been the integration and mining of heterogeneous information at the intersection of chemistry, biology and medicine. She has developed machine learning models applied to drug discovery. Her latest work in neuroscience combines imaging and machine learning to predict early Alzheimer's disease before the appearance of symptoms. In the latest years, she has been focusing on the analysis of real-world evidence based on patient data to understand disease and make drug development more efficient. She serves as a data science advisor helping startups and pharma companies with their digital strategy and innovation programs.

Paula M. Petrone