Mingsheng Hong

Co-Founder & CEO | Bluesky Data

Dr. Mingsheng Hong is co-founder and CEO of Bluesky Data, focused on making SQL query/analytics faster and cheaper over data clouds, so that data analysts/scientists can become more productive, and data cloud users can control their cost. 

Prior to this role, Mingsheng was head of engineering for Google’s ML runtime (e.g. TensorFlow). Mingsheng also had a decade of experience building and delivering Big Data products and solutions at Google, Hadapt, and Vertica. Mingsheng obtained his Computer Science Ph.D. degree at Cornell University, and co-founded the Microsoft CEDR research project, commercialized as SQL Server StreamInsight. Mingsheng has given talks, lectures and demos at industry and academic forums such as TensorFlow Developer Summit, Hadoop World, SIGMOD and Harvard Business School. He also advises startups and founders.

Mingsheng Hong