Petia Radeva

Full Professor, University of Barcelona & Senior Researcher & Project Manager, Computer Vision Center | University of Barcelona

Prof. Petia Radeva is a Full Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Universitat de Barcelona (UB), Principal Investigator (PI) of the UB's consolidated research group for Computer Vision (CVUB, and Head of the Medical Imaging Laboratory of the Autonomous University of Barcelona's Computer Vision Center (

She is currently the PI of UB in several European projects devoted to applying Computer Vision and Machine Learning to food intake monitoring (e.g. for patients with kidney transplants and for the elderly).

Petia Radeva has been a RIA-FET-OPEN vice-chair since 2015, a mentor in the Wild Cards EIT program, an associate editor of the Pattern Recognition Journal (Q1) and International Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation (Q2), an IAPR Fellow since 2015, and acknowledged by ICREA Academia for her scientific merits since 2014.

She has received several international awards, including the Aurora Pons Porrata prize, the Antonio Caparrós Award for the best technology transfer, and more.

She has more than 90 SCI journal publications and 250 international chapters and proceedings, h-index - 42.

Petia Radeva