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Open Source Highlight: PostHog

PostHog provides open-source product analytics, which users can deploy on their own infrastructure to collect every event on their website or app without having to send the data to third parties - an increasing source of concern in times of GDPR and CCPA.
PostHog has been built for developers, with ready-made libraries for JS, Python, Ruby, Node, Go, Android, iOS, PHP, Flutter, React Native, and Elixir, plus “an API for anything else.” However, it is also very user-friendly, with convenient dashboards and other visualization tools to explore cohorts, user paths, funnels, and more.
Because of its product focus, it envisions itself more as an alternative to Mixpanel, Amplitude or Heap than to Google Analytics. And since it is open-source, it is free forever for those who choose to self-host rather than becoming customers of PostHog Cloud.
Despite the fact that the product was only 4 weeks old when the team joined Y Combinator's W20 cohort, PostHog is already being used by more than 2,700 companies, and boasts over 3.8k stars on its GitHub repository - with more to come, as the startup itself is also well-funded and hiring.
If you’d like to dig deeper, join their Slack, and check out their cool backgrounds for your next Zoom!

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