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Open Source Highlight: Apache Superset

Apache Superset is a very popular open-source project that provides users with an exploration and visualization platform for their (big or not-so-big) data. For instance, it can be used to create line charts, but also advanced geospatial charts and dashboards that support queries via SQL Lab.
Superset exploreInitially known as Panoramix, then Caravel, Superset was originally created by Apache Airflow creator Max Beauchemin, who was working for Airbnb at the time. Airbnb open-sourced the project in 2016, and remains highly committed to it, having added many developments to maintain it as the core of its BI self-serve solution.
In addition, Superset became a Top-Level Project (TLP) of the Apache Software Foundation in January of this year, with users that include American Express, Dremio, Lyft, Twitter, Udemy, Zalando, and many others.
As for Beauchemin, he is now the founder and CEO of Preset, an open analytics data platform powered by Superset, offering fully-hosted managed solution Preset Cloud as well as self-managed option Preset Enterprise.
To learn more, check out this Data Council talk by Max Beauchemin on the history and anatomy of Apache Superset. You can also follow @ApacheSuperset on Twitter.

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