Data Council returns to our IRL roots with a community-driven event scheduled for Jan 27-28 in Austin, TX. Geek out with hundreds of attendees and dozens other speakers from top data teams at tech, healthcare, finance and media companies & startups.

We want to hear your ideas for awesome talks on data infrastructure, ML-ops, storage systems, analytical processing, data science models and algos, applications of deep learning research, computer vision, OSS data tools, AI ethics and fairness and any/all cutting-edge technical data topics.

We're welcoming you, our community, to contribute your talk ideas here. Make sure to get them in by our deadline of Sep. 24th!

Event Dates: January 27-28, 2022

Location: Austin, TX

Presentation Time: 30-35 minute talk + 5 minutes of Q&A

Submission Deadline: Sep. 27th, 2021

About our Events: Click here to learn about Data Council

We recommend that you purchase a ticket to the conference as early as possible to secure your seats, if you later get selected to speak at your chosen conference we will be happy to refund your ticket.

What We Look For in Talks:

  • Deeply technical data science, data engineering or AI content
  • Real-world stories about problems you've solved building data platforms & products at your startup or company
  • Explanations & use-cases of practical machine learning algorithms
  • Latest system design challenges in data & ML infrastructure, data science tooling and inference systems.
  • A focus on open-source over proprietary technologies


Note: We will require all speakers and attendees to demonstrate proof of COVID-19 vaccination to attend the event.