Want to present a talk at our next major data science & engineering event? Barcelona, New York, San Francisco or Southeast Asia, the choice is yours! Our event will include hundreds of attendees and dozens other speakers from top data teams at tech, healthcare, finance and media companies. To make each event better than the last, we're welcoming the community to contribute their talk ideas. 

About our Events: Click here to learn about Data Council

Event Dates: Check out Barcelona, New York, San Francisco or Southeast Asia for information.

Presentation Time: 30-35 minute talk + 5 minutes of Q&A

We recommend that you purchase a ticket to the conference as early as possible to secure your seats, if you later get selected to speak at your chosen conference we will be happy to refund your ticket.

Submission Windows:

  • San Francisco, Next edition in July 2020. Talk submissions closed.
  • Southeast Asia, Annually in June - Talk Submissions close June 3rd.
  • Barcelona, Annually in September - Talk Submissions close July 15th.
  • New York City, Annually in Nov - Talk Submissions close Sep 6th.

What We Look For:

  • Deeply technical data science & engineering or AI content
  • Real-world stories about problems you've solved building data platforms & products
  • Explanations & use-cases of practical machine learning algorithms
  • Preferably with a focus on open-source over proprietary technologies

Data Council SF' 20 will feature 6 tracks:

  • Data Engineering
  • ML Platforms
  • Data Science & Insights
  • AI Ethics and Fairness - Sponsored by IBM (Learn more here)
  • AI Products
  • Lean Engineering

Only a limited number of spots are available for each track, so send us your talk idea now.