Data Council will return in 2023 on March 28th to 30th for 3 full days in Austin, TX. Geek out with hundreds of attendees and dozens other speakers from top data teams at tech, healthcare, finance and media companies & startups.

We want to hear your ideas for awesome talks on data infrastructure, ML-ops, storage systems, analytical processing, data science models and algos, applications of deep learning research, computer vision, OSS data tools, AI ethics and fairness and any/all cutting-edge technical data topics.

We're welcoming you, our community, to contribute your talk ideas here. Make sure to get them in by our deadline of Oct. 27!

Event Dates: March 28 - 30, 2023

Location: Austin, TX

Presentation Time: 30-35 minute talk + 5 minutes of Q&A

Submission Deadline: Oct. 27th, 2022

About our Events: Click here to learn about Data Council

What We Look For in Talks:

  • Deeply technical data science, data engineering or AI content
  • Real-world stories about problems you've solved building data platforms & products at your startup or company
  • Explanations & use-cases of practical machine learning algorithms
  • Latest system design challenges in data & ML infrastructure, data science tooling and inference systems.
  • A focus on open-source over proprietary technologies


Note: We will require all speakers and attendees to demonstrate proof of COVID-19 vaccination to attend the event.