Data Council will return in 2024 on March 26th to 28th for 3 full days in Austin, TX. Geek out with hundreds of attendees and speakers from top data teams spanning hyper-scalers, startups, and sectors like tech, finance, media, healthcare and more.

We want to hear your ideas for insightful talks on data infrastructure, AI and ML tooling, storage systems, analytical processing, data science models and algos, applied generative AI, computer vision, OSS data tools, building strong data cultures and any/all cutting-edge technical data topics.

We're welcoming you, our community, to contribute your talk ideas here. Make sure to get them in by our deadline of Nov. 8! Learn about Data Council

Event Dates:
March 26 - 28, 2024
Location: Austin, TX (IRL only)
Presentation Time: 30 minute talk + 5 minutes of Q&A
Submission Deadline Extended: November 17th, 2023

What We Look For in Talks:

  • Deeply technical talks on cutting-edge advancements in data engineering, AI and data science.
  • Stories of tackling complex challenges in building data platforms & products within your startup or company. Real-world applications and case studies of AI, data platforms, LLM applications and the fusion of traditional data processing with AI techniques are welcome!
  • We value novel, hands-on approaches to designing systems, complete with discussion of architectural tradeoffs. Share your innovative methods and architectural insights for building robust systems.
  • Talks are judged on their technical merit, the experience of the speaker and likelihood of broad appeal to our audience. 
  • Vendors are welcome at Data Council, but should present an engineer to discuss how their tool/product was built — not simply what it does or a tutorial on how to use it. (For sponsored workshop opportunities, please reach out to


Why Speak at Data Council?

  • Network with the Best of the Best: Engage with a distinguished community of experts, share insights and forge meaningful collaborations with the engineers, product managers and thought leaders who are paving the way towards top-tier data infrastructure and AI.
  • Spotlight Your Innovation: Showcase your breakthroughs, discoveries and solutions in data, ML and AI, to a discerning, yet supportive, audience.
  • Expand Your Impact: Your insights could spark innovation and bridge new realms of possibility, influencing progress across diverse domains.
  • Build Your Personal Brand: Showcase your expertise and insights in front of the industry's top technical minds, and with your talk being featured on our YouTube channel, which boasts over 30k subscribers, you'll gain extensive visibility and recognition in the data and AI communities, reinforcing your standing as a thought leader and innovator in the field.


Need Inspiration?
Watch previous years' talks on our YouTube

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