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The Future Roadmap for the Composable Data Stack

Wes McKinney Wes McKinney | Principal Architect | Posit, PBC

In this talk, I will review the progress we have made in the last 10 years developing composable, interoperable open standards for the data processing stack, from such infrastructure projects as Parquet and Arrow to user-facing interface libraries like Ibis for Python and the tidyverse for R. In discussing the current landscape of projects, I will dig into the different areas where more innovation and growth is needed, and where we would ideally like to end up in the coming years.

Wes McKinney
Wes McKinney
Principal Architect | Posit, PBC

Wes McKinney is an open source software developer and entrepreneur focusing on data processing tools and systems. He created the Python pandas and Ibis projects, and co-created Apache Arrow. He is a Member of the Apache Software Foundation and also a project PMC member for Apache Parquet. He is currently a Principal Architect at Posit PBC and a co-founder of Voltron Data.