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Declarative Orchestration: Why You’ve Been Thinking About the Wrong DAG the Entire Time

Nick Schrock Nick Schrock | Founder & CTO | Dagster Labs

In declarative, asset-oriented orchestration, the practitioner builds and schedules data pipelines using assets as the foundational abstraction, rather than tasks. 

In this talk, Nick will explain how this seemingly simple idea goes beyond improved developer ergonomics: it has profound consequences for the entire data platform. Your orchestrator doesn’t just execute pipelines, but is the system of record for your production data assets. Built-in data quality, lineage, and cataloging means you can consolidate tools with an integrated experience. And instead of the data mesh as a fuzzy theory, you can see it directly manifest in a product as a living asset graph, built on shared infrastructure.

Nick Schrock
Nick Schrock
Founder & CTO | Dagster Labs

Nick Schrock is the founder and CEO of Elementl, the company behind Dagster. Previously, Nick worked at Facebook, where he co-created GraphQL. Nick believes deeply in the power of well-designed developer tools to make engineers more productive, accelerate their careers, make their lives more enjoyable, and transform the organizations in which they work.