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Big Data is Dead

Jordan Tigani Jordan Tigani | Founder & CEO | MotherDuck

This talk will make the case that the era of Big Data is over. Now we can stop worrying about data size and focus on how we’re going to use it to make better decisions. The data behind the graphs shown in this talk come from Jordan Tigani having analyzed query logs, deal post-mortems, benchmark results (published and unpublished), customer support tickets, customer conversations, service logs, and published blog posts, plus a bit of intuition.

Jordan Tigani
Jordan Tigani
Founder & CEO | MotherDuck

Jordan is co-founder and chief duck-herder at MotherDuck, a startup building a serverless analytics platform based on DuckDB. He helped create Google BigQuery, wrote two books on it, and led first the engineering team then the product team through its first $1B or so in revenue. More recently, as SingleStore’s Chief Product Officer, Jordan helped them transform from on-premise into a cloud-native SaaS business. Jordan has also worked at Microsoft Research, the Windows Kernel team, and at a handful of star-crossed startups. His biggest claim to fame is predicting world cup matches using machine learning with a better record than Paul the Octopus.