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Working Outside the Box: the Journey to FigJam AI

Dan Mejia Dan Mejia | Manager of Software Engineering, FigJam | Figma
Michael Bullington Michael Bullington | Software Engineer | Figma

Full abstract coming soon.

Dan Mejia
Dan Mejia
Manager of Software Engineering, FigJam | Figma

Dan is currently at Figma leading Engagement & Growth for FigJam. He's an optimistic advocate for AI and he's championed and led from inception the first round of AI-powered features launched by the company.
Before Figma, Dan led teams and built new products end-to-end at Pinterest after joining at an early stage. He also worked as a software engineer at Microsoft on a variety of teams within Bing and online services. Dan grew up in Medellin, Colombia and initially came to the US to go to college for Electrical Engineering at Cornell.

Michael Bullington
Michael Bullington
Software Engineer | Figma

Michael is a Software Engineer on FigJam, a collaborative whiteboard solution by Figma that empowers teams to build better products, together.
Most recently, Michael focused on the recent "FigJam AI" launch, helping more people discover FigJam and become visual communicators themselves. Michael continues to be a Software Engineer at Figma, and previously has worked at companies such as Mapbox, and contributed to software teams such as DJI. Outside work, Michael hopes to make a positive impact through computing.