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4 Talk Sessions

Our Virtual '20 edition featured 4 talk sessions focusing on Data Engineering, ML Platforms, Data Science, and AI Products.

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1 Workshop Session

Join our workshop session to acquire valuable hands-on experience alongside top people in our field, and focusing on key technologies.

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Max - 500

Tired of mega-conferences where it's hard to network? We are too, so we cap attendance at 500. Expect highly-skilled data scientists, engineers, analysts & engineering managers.

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Born to Be Open Source

We believe in Open Source; code, content and mentality. We feature top open source contributors and tools at our talks. Afterwards, we publish all content for the community, for free.

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We are a diverse group of geeks, coders, scientists, analysts (& a former astronaut serving your lunch). We care deeply about local data communities. No big $/€ sponsors here, just data nerds, like you & me.

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Networking That Works

Experience our popular "Speaker Office Hours" format. Through our intentional matching opportunities you'll meet data influencers who will positively impact your career.

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San Francisco Speakers

Stay tuned, we'll publish the schedule soon!

Talk Sessions

Data Engineering

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Our Data Engineering track gives practical examples of full-stack data architectures, data pipelines and plumbing systems, as well as reference examples of ETL functions & workflow schedulers. The track explores the stories behind the challenges faced by experienced engineers when building modern data infrastructures, and features key open source projects our speakers are keen to share with the community.

ML Platforms

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The ML Platforms track focuses on the practice of moving machine learning systems from development to deployment, and the next-generation tooling that makes this an organic process. Removing barriers to deployment allows data scientists to gain quicker feedback and deeper insights into how models are performing in the wild, and enables nimbler experimentation at the product level.

To do this, new machine learning workflows are taking advantage of serverless and container orchestration technologies, and also specializing frameworks towards certain classes of data science problems.

This track is for the hands-on practitioners who fluidly cross the boundary between research and deployment.

Data Science & Insights

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The field of data science often delivers value in multiple ways to a business. One way is in the development of predictive data features such as personalization and recommendations, fraud detection and mitigation, home automation, self-driving cars, etc… Another common way is to drive decisions and insights within a company. For example, did the web or mobile feature you just released increase engagement? Are we on track to make earnings this quarter? How about more operation-centric insights? Can we detect a complex failure pattern due to a new code release before it takes down our site? Data science can be used to build both internal and external solutions that drive a business. Come to this track to learn about recent innovations in this space that highlight full-stack data science solutions.

AI Products

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The AI Products track demonstrates the intersection of applied DS/ML methods in product form, covering topics such as full stack product development of data-oriented products, product-based implementations of new research methods, and machine-learning powered features inside products (i.e. recommendation systems, NLP based features, scoring, etc.). This is a product-focused track, where talks are usually given by technical founders or product managers with a technical background.

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Stay tuned, we'll publish the schedule soon!

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Our 2020 Partners Include:

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Partner With Us

Unique Break-out Workshops

We're offering special workshops (included in the ticket price) for all attendees at our events to experience special hands-on demos, training sessions, and talks on how to get started using cool data tools. The workshops are designed to give you hands-on experience in getting up and running with the most powerful data tools on the market. These will be hosted as break-out sessions throughout the day, and you are free to attend as many of them as you like. With Data Council your ticket ALWAYS includes everything.

Full details on the workshop themes will be posted to the conference schedule and shared on this site.

Max 500: We are not a “mega-conference”

We aim to keep attendance below 500 people for any Data Council event or conference. We've been there too, and we know the reason you attend conferences is not to be sold to or lose yourself in a massive sea of attendees.

Aiming for fewer than 500 attendees ensures that you have a fair chance to engage with speakers 1:1 on your favorite track during Speaker Office Hours. It's worth noting that this is not a watered-down "mega-conference," but an intentional community-powered conference for engineers & scientists, by engineers & scientists, like yourself!

Generally, our conferences attract between 300-500 people depending on the season, location, and speakers.

Speaker Office Hours: Meet your crowd

Most speakers hold "office hours" after their talk, which are a great opportunity to take the discussion further in a smaller setting. 

Unlike Q&A where you are usually limited to asking one question, you will be able to have an in-depth back-and-forth discussion with the speaker and like-minded attendees - a great way to learn more and build long-term relationships.

Attendees often mention Speaker Office Hours as one of their favorite perks of attending our events.

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What Our Attendees Say

Data Council was really great. The vibe and culture were exactly what I felt from following the RSS feeds, Twitter, watching YouTube, etc. for the last couple of years, and what attracted me to want to come to the event. I will be recommending it to friends! It was a real pleasure speaking.

Baron Schwartz

CTO & Founder

Baron Schwartz - CTO & Founder
Just wanted to reach out to thank you for the opportunity to speak at the conference. As a conference it was very informative and the talks inspired some of my software design approaches. I'm sharing my experiences with my team to help spread the knowledge.

Neelesh Sailan

Senior Software Engineer
Stitch Fix

Neelesh Sailan
Data Council is a really a great conference for technical talks with real insights to data engineering challenges and solutions. As an engineer who works on open-source software I found it helpful to hear first hand from users that are working on real world challenges.

Maximilian Michels

PMC Member Apache Flink & Apache Beam
Independent Contractor @ Google

Maximilian Michels

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