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The End of Data Governance as We Know It

Kirit Basu Kirit Basu | Head of Product | Metaphor

Over the last decade Data Governance tools have become - what one industry leader described as "A very expensive tool where data goes to die." Governance professionals are saying "I try really hard to tag everything and chase down official descriptions for data," Data Engineers are saying "I shifted right, I shifted left, where do I go next?" and all the business users who ultimately need the data, ask, "Once again, where can I find the data I'm looking for??"

These archaic ways of governance have to end.

At Metaphor, we believe everyone in the organization has a role to play in governance, and a data catalog/governance tool just used by the highly technical data team is a surefire way to build nothing more than the next best silo.

Kirit Basu
Kirit Basu
Head of Product | Metaphor

Kirit Basu has over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. Kirit is currently the Head of Product at Metaphor Data, a company that specializes in data management and analytics. Prior to his current role, Kirit served as the VP Product and Product Strategy at StreamSets Inc., where he was responsible for product planning and execution.