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Redefining Database Workloads: The Future with Modern Object Storage

Brenna Buuck Brenna Buuck | Subject Matter Expert: Databases & Datalakes | MinIO

MinIO built highly performant, software-first object storage that is disrupting traditional paradigms of database workloads. Discover how databases, especially in the OLAP sector, are shifting to embrace an object storage-first approach. We will explore the role of external tables that bridge the gap between data storage and processing, simplifying data management and empowering organizations to unlock the full potential of their data without the complexities of data pipelines.

Brenna Buuck
Brenna Buuck
Subject Matter Expert: Databases & Datalakes | MinIO

Brenna Buuck is the subject matter expert at MinIO for databases and datalakes. A data engineer turned developer evangelist, she is passionate about coding, data and learning. She endeavors to inspire and educate other developers about the latest tools and technologies with the goal of helping them build amazing things through code, tutorials, speaking and writing. She has her undergraduate degree from UC San Diego and her graduate degree from San Diego State.