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How to Use Your Development Data to Make LLMs Code Like You and Your Team

Tyler Dunn Tyler Dunn | Co-founder & CEO | Continue

Software development copilots are all the rage these days. Innovation in the space makes it easier to talk to your code, ask for improvements, and write code for you, all from your IDE. But you can make coding with LLMs even more beneficial by collecting data on what happens between commits. Today, all that data goes to the copilot vendor. But what if it went to you and your development org to improve your models, processes, and tools? Learn how Continue is solving this problem by using your feedback and development data to benefit developers and engineering teams everywhere.

Tyler Dunn
Tyler Dunn
Co-founder & CEO | Continue

While studying the intersection of language and computation at the University of Michigan, Ty built dialogue management systems as a software engineer. Motivated to make them leverage machine learning more, he grew from the first product manager to a Group PM at Rasa, where his open-source ML framework for conversational interfaces had millions of downloads, 17k stars on GitHub, and was used by ~10% of the Fortune 500. He is now on a mission to make building software feel like making music.