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How to Align AI Capabilities with Product Strategy so You Can Innovate

Noelle Saldana Noelle Saldana | Director of Product Management, Data Science & Analytics |

We can all agree it’s an exciting time to build products with AI; the possibilities are endless and unbelievably cool. However, being able to use AI does not necessarily mean that doing so will make your products better or more successful. So, what are you to do when your CEO and board demand more AI? We’ll explore how to discern if your product will benefit from AI or if you’re missing critical ingredients for success, what to do next.

As a Director of Product Management and a longtime consulting Data Scientist, Noelle has experienced many positives and negatives in the journey to AI ubiquity. Learn to navigate this increasingly complex and demanding world with her expert guidance.

Noelle Saldana
Noelle Saldana
Director of Product Management, Data Science & Analytics | 

Noelle has fifteen years of Data Science experience and is passionate about the value data brings to both products and decision-making. She has led Data Science initiatives at companies across multiple industry verticals, ranging from early startups to Fortune 500 enterprises. Her recent focus has been the intersection of product and data strategy; instrumenting data and eliminating data technical debt to enable robust Data Science and Product Analytics downstream.