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How a "Less is More" Approach Stems the Sprawl of Security Data and Makes it More Actionable

Mahendra Kutare Mahendra Kutare | Founder & CEO | Deeptrail

As security risks proliferate, companies spend millions on more cloud security and visibility tools, more data storage, and more engineers and analysts. These people then spend 90% of their time identifying problems within this vast sea of alerts, events, and logs, few of which are true threats to the business. 
Deeptrail exists to break this cycle with radically new approaches. It analyzes and enriches alerts and data at the edge and automatically detects and identifies incidents, wasting less time on false positives and using less data in the process. Learn how Deeptrail uses data and AI to make security teams more efficient and dependable. 

Mahendra Kutare
Mahendra Kutare
Founder & CEO | Deeptrail

Mahendra Kutare brings 20+ years of experience building AI, data, infra, and cybersecurity. He was the founding engineer and architect at E8 Security (acquired by VMWare). He led data, ML, and AI teams at D2iQ (formerly Mesosphere, acquired by Nutanix), NIO (NYSE: NIO), and Motive (formerly KeepTruckin, $3B val).