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Enabling Data Centric Solutions through Modern Schema Management

Aaron Taylor Aaron Taylor | Chief Architect | Nalej

Data-Centric solutions are enabled by a strong foundation of data context built through data schemas. In traditional data schemas--including CSV, XLS, and JSON--data-driven solutions break-down and add complexity as solutions evolve and scale. Modern schema, including Avro, Protobuffers, and Thrift, enable data solutions to evolve and scale through a concept known as schema evolutions to support the complex demands of Data-Centric architectures. At NALEJ, we run a complex and dynamic data infrastructure powering development inside the DoD. In this talk we will explain how our adoption of modern schema was leveraged to build adaptable, scalable data solutions to meet the scale and complexity of modern cloud deployments, working in heterogeneous environments with multi-cloud communication.

Aaron Taylor
Aaron Taylor
Chief Architect | Nalej

A self-driven, technology enthusiast with passion for distributed cloud-compute technologies. Lifelong inventor and tinkerer; loves to explore new technologies and learn how systems operate in action. Lives by a continuous learning philosophy with a growth mindset to keep pace with a complex, fast changing, distributed systems landscape. Currently the Chief Architect at Nalej, and previously worked at Nike, Intel and the United States Airforce.