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Data Culture 2.0: Leveraging AI to Build Human Connections and Expand Your Influence

Celina Wong Celina Wong | CEO | Data Culture
Samantha Lohier Samantha Lohier | Senior Analytics Engineer | Data Culture

While the data community has been buzzing about OpenAI and using various co-pilot programs to code more efficiently, there is a critical skill we cannot lose sight of –  translating data into actionable insights. Bridging the gap between data and business stakeholders/ C-suite will be more important than ever. 

AI may replace some Data Practitioner work, but in the near-term, it cannot replace a Data Practitioner who can translate data into actionable insights for the business. Not just any insight, but insight that ties to the business's top priorities. 

This talk will equip Data Practitioners with practical approaches to: 
1. Leveraging AI to pinpoint and hypothesize areas of the business where you can drive the most impact 
2. Developing relationships with senior leadership to validate your hypotheses and build trust and influence along the way 
3. Act like an owner of the business, not just the data stack

Celina Wong
Celina Wong
CEO | Data Culture

Celina Wong is CEO at Data Culture (, a data consultancy that offers data engineering and data visualization services. Prior to Data Culture, she has been 3x Head of Data/ Analytics (with 2 successful startup exits). With 15 years of experience in the data and finance across several industries, Celina has been both the data practitioner and the business stakeholder. Understanding both sides has been the key to her success in building truly data-driven organizations.

Samantha Lohier
Samantha Lohier
Senior Analytics Engineer | Data Culture

Samantha is a Senior Analytics Engineer at Data Culture. She has a background in Mechanical Engineering, but made the switch to data only a few years ago. She has a passion for strategically working with business stakeholders to find data solutions that solve meaningful problems!