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Building InfluxDB 3.0 with Apache Arrow, DataFusion, Flight and Parquet

Andrew Lamb Andrew Lamb | Staff Engineer | InfluxData

In this talk, we will describe the design of InfluxDB 3.0's new high performance timeseries database engine using Apache Arrow, DataFusion, Parquet and Rust. This design provides a fast and highly interoperable analytic system without a tightly integrated codebase built from scratch. It is part of a larger trend in database system design, so called deconstructed databases, where high performance interchange standards and high quality open source components form the foundation for high performance and highly interoperable specialized analytic systems.

Andrew Lamb
Andrew Lamb
Staff Engineer | InfluxData

Andrew Lamb has experience in environments from 2 developers in a VC's office, to large multinational corporations and distributed open source projects. He focuses on systems programming (e.g. databases), and platform engineering, and has paid leadership dues as both an architect and manager/VP.

As a Staff Engineer at InfluxData, he works on InfluxDB 3.0's IOx Engine, a new timeseries database written in Rust, focusing on query processing and the Apache Arrow DataFusion and Apache Arrow ecosystems. In that capacity, he a member and past chair of the Apache Arrow PMC and actively contributes to Apache Arrow DataFusion and the Apache Rust implementation query engine.