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Building a Holistic SQL Chatbot that Solves Real Problems for People in Tech and the Business

Noy Twerski Noy Twerski | Co-Founder & CEO | Sherloq Data

SQL chatbots are everywhere these days, but the difference between a proof of concept and a dependable, intelligent assistant is stark, even more so when the target is a holistic experience that serves technical teams and business stakeholders. We know because we got it wrong so many times before eventually getting it right.

What began as a feature for our platform is now the interface to everything we do at Sherloq. Learn how we uncovered the three core product insights that influence how users query their data, why fancy tech alone is never enough, and which of our many technical and architectural decisions make our assistants worthy of the hype.

Noy Twerski
Noy Twerski
Co-Founder & CEO | Sherloq Data

Noy is the Co-founder & CEO at Sherloq, a GenAI SQL Chatbot that creates one source of truth for any organization's internal database (backed by YCombinator). Noy has 8+ years of experience in Product and Analytics from various startups and the 8200 Intelligence Unit, and holds a BSc in Computer Science. As a Product Manager, Noy always aimed to make data-driven decisions but found it more challenging than practical - thus founding Sherloq.