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Bringing Accuracy and Predictability to Software's Most Intractable Problem: Forecasting Development Timelines and On-Time Delivery

Bart Palmer Bart Palmer | CTO | Cardagraph

Product development teams routinely rely on guesswork to promise future milestones, and those commitments quickly fall out of date as things change, leaving the pledge in place even though it will go unmet. There is a better way.

Cardagraph uses historical data like team capacity, past scope adjustments, project size, priority, and more to provide an initial delivery forecast when projects begin, and they update that forecast as things change inevitably over time. Learn how Cardagraph built a better way of managing product roadmaps with data, enabling product and engineering leaders to explore different scenarios and confidently own their commitments.

Bart Palmer
Bart Palmer
CTO | Cardagraph

Bart Palmer is like an explorer who loves finding new ways to make things work super well. He's the CTO at Cardagraph, an innovative, data-driven roadmap that helps companies figure out when their awesome computer projects will be ready. Bart has been doing cool computer stuff for a long time – he's built websites, databases, and taught others how to use computers. He's an innovative problem solver who loves making things simple and easy for everyone. Whether it's teaching computer magic or leading a team to make projects happen on time, Bart is on a mission to make the computer world a happier place.