What To Expect

Inspiring Talks

Two days of deeply-technical talks by dozens of leading data scientists, engineers and AI researchers from top teams like Facebook, Lyft, Google, Instacart, Airbnb, Stanford University, Citus Data, Spotify, Pivotal, Netflix & more.

Speaker Office Hours

Connect and exchange ideas with speakers and other attendees within a small group setting during our unique Speaker Office Hours that immediately proceed most talks.

Meet Data Startups

Hear talks from the most interesting startups doing innovative things with machine learning, computer vision, NLP, artificial intelligence and other forms of data goodness, and get inspired to do more with less.

Partner Spotlight

Connect with partner companies at Partner Spotlight to discover what top data jobs are available, as well as their latest product developments. You could have a new and exciting career move waiting around the corner!

Eat, Drink, Party & Network

Enjoy extensive networking opportunities at the event, or connect with speakers & attendees at our after-party between event days. Breakfast, lunch and coffee & snacks are also included with your event badge, so enjoy!

Community Powered Talent Community

We pride ourselves in our deep commitment to the data community; it's is an integral part of our history. We work hard to get a diverse set of speakers, attendees and partners involved in each one of our conferences. We offer the best opportunities for engineers to grow their talent, and explore new opportunities out there. As a independent community-powered conference we make sure experts validate each speaker and partner their credentials and their talk to ensure only the highest quality talks and talent opportunities make the bar. At the event our on-stage and off-stage programs like Speaker Office Hours are carefully designed to deliver you the best, hands-on advice by data influencers in a small community setting. After the event we invite you to join our branded global network of meetup groups where the learning and sharing continues until the next major Data Council event.
Connecting the world to Data Council

A New Name, Same Core Beliefs

Formerly known as DataEngConf, our event series was initially created in 2013. The data industry is changing fast, and Data Council has supported, and helped shape, its explosive growth. In 2019 we became Data Council to give us the breath to embrace all data topics: infrastructure, engineering, science, machine intelligence, analytics, and AI product development, along with new features and tracks to reflect the unique challenges that have emerged in building data-oriented teams.

We are working hard to ensure that Data Council is the primary community-driven, open-source focused event for all members of the global data community, be it software engineers, data scientists, CTOs, ML engineers, AI researchers or technical founders who want to discover tools & insights to build amazing products. This includes spanning multiple geographies, having more competitive pricing than our peers, and offering unique features that transmit the value of the event experience past the two days to impact your entire career.

Data Council has grown from a small San Francisco meetup into a world-renowned global event, with additional main events running in New York City, Barcelona and this year Singapore. The philosophy behind Data Council has remained the same: to help the next generation of deeply technical data professionals transcend the academic/industry barrier, share knowledge, and inspire each other to build cutting-edge data oriented products through no-bullshit talks and high-quality community interactions at our global events.

We have room for everyone.

Are you a “hero" engineer on a team of two building a new start-up, or part of a growing data team within a big enterprise? At Data Council we have room for all technical data professionals; we have worked with companies and organizations big and small. Here is a summary of some of our previous partners and speakers: Airbnb, Columbia University, Apache Foundation, TapRecruit, Beeswax, Datadog, WeWork, Starburst, Figure Eight, Dia&Co, Netflix, Facebook, VividCortex, Buzzfeed, Lyft, Stitch Fix, Cortico, MIT Media Lab, Atlassian, Markable.ai, TripleLift, Endgame, Criteo Labs, Bowery Farming, Stanford University, Intent Media, Pandora, Lightbend, Second Measure, GitHub, Mode Analytics, Meltwater, Linc Global, Salesforce, Comet.ml, Datalogue, Datacoral, Capital One, Via Transportation, Clarifai, Foursquare, Oscar, WayUp, GitLab, Mt. Sinai, Barclays Investment Bank, Satellogic, Data Artisans, Stripe, Eurecat, BBVA, Uber, Schibsted, Fishtown Analytics, Intermix, LINE, GO-JEK, Badi, Lernin Games, Google, Cabify, Yara Digital Labs, Fivetran, UC Berkeley, MemSQL, Pivotal, Citus Data, Databricks, Collective Health, Circonus, Workday, Clover Health, Instacart, Opendoor, LetGo, and many, many more.

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Details on our *No Bullshit Guarantee

This might just be our Marketing Team daydreaming, but we actually, truly, honestly, (okay you get it) believe in authentic and deeply technical community events and we want you to enjoy them as much as we do. We want you to learn, grow, build, engage, launch, laugh and maybe cry (depending on what kind of repositories are in your GitHub) but most of all we want you to feel good about attending Data Council.

We want you to feel good about buying a ticket for Data Council so that's why we offer a full refund up until 30 days prior to the event. (After that we offer to transfer your ticket to a colleague or a future Data Council event). Additionally we unfortunately cannot retroactively apply any special rates, coupons or discounts once the ticket has been purchased.

We are good at detecting bullshit, but in case we missed it, just let us know at community@datacouncil.ai and we will make it right!