What the Heck is an In-Memory Data Grid?

Addison Huddy | Pivotal


In-Memory Data Grids (IMDGs) are the backbone of some of the most data-intensive workloads in the world. If you are booking travel, making a stock trade, or buying a home, chances are an IMDG is involved.

This talk will focus on the architecture of In-Memory Data Grids by diving into the internals of Apache Geode, a popular, open-source IMDG.  Through understanding the internal architecture and characteristic of these systems we will discover the data engineering problems they solve, and when / when not to use them.

We will also get hands on with Apache Geode and see how it can be used to speed up a legacy relational database.

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addison huddy

Product Manager, R&D | Pivotal

Addison Huddy is a contributor to Apache Geode and a member of the Research & Development team at Pivotal Software.  Prior to Pivotal, Addison worked at Visa where he developed some of Visa's early mobile wallets, as well as, data-driven advertising products.  Addison has a Bachelors from UCLA and a Masters in Computer Science from the Georgia Tech.

Addison Huddy Pivotal