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Why it Takes Billions: Navigating the AI landscape with OpenAI, Google, Nvidia, and Everyone Else with Billions to Spare

DJ Patil DJ Patil | Former U.S Chief Data Scientist |
Joseph E. Gonzalez Joseph E. Gonzalez | Associate Professor - EECS, RISELab Founding Member | UC Berkeley

Full abstract coming soon.

DJ Patil
DJ Patil
Former U.S Chief Data Scientist | 

DJ Patil is an entrepreneur, investor, scientist, and leader in public policy. He has held senior roles in industry, academia, and government and his work has been featured in two Michael Lewis books (The Fifth Risk and Premonition). As a General Partner at GreatPoint Ventures he focuses on building companies in healthcare, enterprise technologies, and national security.

Joseph E. Gonzalez
Joseph E. Gonzalez
Associate Professor - EECS, RISELab Founding Member | UC Berkeley

Joseph is a Professor in the EECS department at UC Berkeley, a co-director and founding member of the UC Berkeley RISE Lab and a member of the Berkeley AI Research (BAIR Group). His research interests span machine learning and data systems and he has a wide range of projects including:

  • real-time model serving
  • large language models
  • machine learning on edge devices
  • accelerated deep learning for high-resolution computer vision
  • new cryptographic primitives for federated learning
  • frameworks for deep reinforcement learning and parameter tuning
  • explainable reinforcement learning
  • software platforms for autonomous vehicles
  • new approaches to cloud computing

In 2020, Joseph launched a new stealth company based on his research to radically simplify the process of deploying advanced analytics and machine learning in modern data driven enterprises. Prior to joining Berkeley, Joseph co-founded Turi Inc. (formerly GraphLab), which was based on his thesis work on the GraphLab and PowerGraph Systems. Turi was eventually acquired by Apple.