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Unified Data Experience - Unleashing the Value of bp Data

Jian Jiao Jian Jiao | Head of Data Engineering & Data Management | bp

How can we make data well owned, organized, served and maintained in a 100+ years old oil & gas company? How can we empower non-technical people, like gas station manager, to achieve idea-to-insights, like answering a question "why my sales went down", in minutes?

BP is undergoing a major digital transformation and unfolding its data & AI strategy. In this presentation, we will share the beginning of the journey of Unified Data Experience, which is an initiative to redesign bp's data platform, ecosystem and ways of working to provide a robust data foundation for bp's business and digital ambitions.

Jian Jiao
Jian Jiao
Head of Data Engineering & Data Management | bp

Jian is a passionate, focused and resilient software engineering leader who has built extensive industrial experience in software development and management of mobile, web, computing server, API, distributed system, cloud platforms (GCP, AWS and Azure), data and analytics platform, machine learning, security and privacy, CI/CD, solution architecture. Jian is currently the Head of Data Engineering and Data Management at bp. Prior to bp, Jian spent over ten years at Google. He has a Masters in Information System Management from Carnegie Mellon University.