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The Reality of Building a Modern AI Data Stack

Colleen Tartow Colleen Tartow | Field CTO & Head of Strategy | VAST Data

Many data technologists are feeling pressure around the realities and real-life considerations of building out a data stack that can handle the next generation of data problems in addition to today's data challenges. Considerations like minimizing complexity and cost while focusing on scalability and performance are at the forefront of the data world right now, and how this works in a world where LLMs and deep learning are becoming table stakes is paramount. There are questions about data management at this scale as well - e.g. how do you fold this into a Data Mesh, or use Data Products? We'll discuss the modern AI data stack in this talk, going fairly deep on where the industry is now, and how to think through architecting the data ecosystem of the future.

Colleen Tartow
Colleen Tartow
Field CTO & Head of Strategy | VAST Data

Colleen Tartow, Ph.D. is Field CTO and Head of Strategy at VAST Data and has 20+ years of experience in data, analytics, engineering, and consulting. Adept at assisting organizations in deriving value from a data-driven culture, she has successfully led diverse data, engineering, and analytics teams through the development of complex global data management solutions and architecting enterprise data systems. Her demonstrated excellence in data, engineering, analytics, and diversity leadership makes her a trusted senior advisor among executives. An experienced speaker, author, valued mentor and startup advisor, Colleen holds degrees in astrophysics and lives in Massachusetts.