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Shredding and Embedding PDFs for Fun and Profit

Kord Campbell Kord Campbell | Founder & Developer | Mitta AI

A casual tech talk to share how I turbocharged PDF indexing (shredding and embedding) for use by LLMs (Large Language Models). I'll show off my open-source AI pipeline system, SlothAI, and explain how it uses Google Cloud Storage and Document AI to supercharge PDF text extraction for passing data to embeddings models.

Kord Campbell
Kord Campbell
Founder & Developer | Mitta AI

Kord is a programmer and founder with a focus on AI and search technology. He started Mitta and MittaAI, specializing in document and data processing systems. Earlier in his career, he created Grub, an open-source search engine, and co-founded Loggly. His work emphasizes simplifying data interaction and processing.