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Real-Time Analytics for Small Data Teams

Matt Helm Matt Helm | Head of Analytics | Materialize

All companies run on data, and Materialize is no different — we rely on our internal analytics stack to power multiple business-critical workflows: from email marketing to revenue operations. Over time, our small data team started struggling with the complexity and cost of workflows where data freshness is non-negotiable.

In this session, we’ll talk about how we have cut costs and improved operational efficiency by adopting our own product internally for real-time analytics. We’ll share lessons learned trying to reduce the cost of freshness on a batch data warehouse, quantify the business impact of migrating to real time, and argue that getting more out of your data doesn’t require a team bigger than the one you already have.

Matt Helm
Matt Helm
Head of Analytics | Materialize

Matt is the Head of Analytics at Materialize, where he designs and builds the data platform, models, and analysis to support the company’s decisions and operations. During his ten years at Shopify, Matt led the design and development of the merchant analytics pipelines. Matt takes a holistic approach to his work, combining his deep technical expertise with a product-oriented mindset. He studied computer science at the University of British Columbia.