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OttoBot: Productionizing LLM Models

Lukas Biewald Lukas Biewald | Founder & CEO | Weights and Biases

What does it take to get LLMs model into production? Weights & Biases is a developer-first AI Platform used by OpenAI, NVIDIA, Meta, and most big companies leading the charge in LLMs. We've seen industry-leading ML teams build and productionize LLM models and apps into productions. In this talk, our CEO Lukas Biewald will show you how to put LLMs in production. He'll also share case studies from customers across industries, outline best practices, and dive into tools and solutions for common pain points.

Lukas Biewald
Lukas Biewald
Founder & CEO | Weights and Biases

Lukas Biewald is the CEO and co-founder of Weights & Biases, a developer-first MLOps platform. He also co-founded Figure Eight (formerly CrowdFlower), a pioneer in the ML data-labeling space. Figure Eight was acquired by Appen (APX) in 2019. Lukas has dedicated his career optimizing ML workflows, teaching ML practitioners, making machine learning more accessible to all, and occasionally tinkering with robots.