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Optimizing Time Series Data in Mixed Architectures with QuestDB

Adam Cimarosti Adam Cimarosti | Senior Software Engineer | QuestDB

How are time series databases different in the context of today's diverse deployments and growing demands of fast moving data? Join Adam Cimarosti, a core engineer at QuestDB, as he addresses this question in a technical deep dive highlighting the benefits and tradeoffs of a time series database which aims for ease of use and performance.

The talk will cover the fundamentals of time series data handling, including integrating fast-moving and large scale data sets, as well as provide a deeper understanding into the internal workings of a database solution optimized for high performance data ingestion and query.

This presentation will also cover the integration challenges across technologies, emphasizing the role of open source and open formats in this context. This session offers a practical understanding and technical background for those dealing with fast moving time series data, and insight into future developments in this field.

Adam Cimarosti
Adam Cimarosti
Senior Software Engineer | QuestDB

Adam is a specialist in writing mission-critical, reliable, and fast libraries utilized by a large globally distributed user base. He possesses experience with a variety of technologies, including C, C++, Rust, Python, Java, C#, LLVM, compilers, databases, and more. 
Adam has contributed to the implementation of two databases, focusing on low latency systems, grid, and ticking data compute. Additionally, he is the author of a distributed systems testing library, emphasizing a serious commitment to software correctness.