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Open Data Foundations across Hudi, Iceberg and Delta

Kyle Weller Kyle Weller | Head of Product | Onehouse

When your data is at rest, Hudi, Delta and Iceberg are not so different yet it is increasingly hard to decide which table format to pick for your data platform. OneTable, a brand new open source project unlocks omni-directional interoperability between the popular lakehouse projects Apache Hudi, Delta Lake, and Apache Iceberg. Onetable offers lightweight conversion mechanisms that can take a source metadata format and sync it into one or more target metadata formats.

This session will feature a live demo and describe real-world applications of how to build open data foundations that can accelerate your workloads into a variety of open source query engines including Spark, Presto, Trino, Flink and more. We will describe the technical foundations for Hudi, Delta and Iceberg and lay out the nuts and bolts of how Onetable seamlessly converts data between these formats. We will detail our journey to create the project, share the vision for the future and show how you can join this new open community.

Kyle Weller
Kyle Weller
Head of Product | Onehouse

Kyle Weller has been building data platforms and data products for over 10 years. He currently runs product development at building a Universal Data Lakehouse that automates data platforms to run on Apache Hudi, Delta Lake, and Apache Iceberg. Before Onehouse, Kyle was a Product Lead for Azure Databricks, he built AI products with AzureML, and has architected several planet scale data engineering platforms for Cortana, Bing, Office. Kyle has seen how hard it is for data engineers to build DIY data lakes and he looks forward to the rise of the managed Lakehouse. Outside of work Kyle volunteers as an entrepreneurship coach for incarcerated individuals.