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Creating a Purpose-Built Data Indexer

Andrew Dworschak Andrew Dworschak | Co-founder & CEO | Yakoa

Blockchain datasets offer a wealth of rich, open data, but their rapidly evolving standards and non-regular structures pose unique data challenges. In this talk, I’ll explore the approach we took to make engineering trade-offs at Yakoa when creating the digital asset indexer that powers our services. From outlining the various models for chain-based indexers, to selecting an anchor model in our data schema, to navigating irregular data structures, I'll share hard-won lessons on architecting systems resilient to blockchain's intrinsic complexities. I’ll then reflect on how these technical decisions struck a balance between ideal long-term solutions and messy real-world constraints, and how that foundation influences our client-facing applications.

Andrew Dworschak
Andrew Dworschak
Co-founder & CEO | Yakoa

Andrew co-founded Yakoa to combat digital IP infringement and revitalize the legal system with permissionless technology. Today, Yakoa serves some of the most prominent brands in the world as well as mainstream Web 3 platforms in an effort to keep communities safe. Andrew has been a technology founder throughout his career and holds a Master’s in engineering from Stanford University.