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How to Build a Data Stack that Your Company Actually Uses

Joe Karlsson Joe Karlsson | Data Engineer | Tinybird

In today’s fast-paced environment, Data Engineers are increasingly challenged to do more with less. Many organizations struggle with the underutilization of their data stacks due to a disconnect between the technology and user needs. Our session tackles this issue head-on, presenting strategies for building an effective, user-friendly data stack that will see active usage across your company. Understanding your organization’s unique requirements is paramount. We’ll delve into assessing team needs and technical skills and selecting appropriate data stack components—data sources, ETL tools, warehouses, and BI tools.

The session is for Data Engineers and Tech Leads looking to learn strategies for building data platforms that actually get used by people outside your team. If you need inspiration to take ownership of what you’ve built & to provide real value with the infrastructure you already have.

This talk also includes an overview of best practices for data stack implementation and management, touching upon data governance, security, and user accessibility. A live demo illustrating the building process in a simulated organization will be featured. This talk offers insights on fostering a data-driven culture by creating a data stack that not only aligns with technical needs but also encourages widespread adoption.

Joe Karlsson
Joe Karlsson
Data Engineer | Tinybird

Joe Karlsson (He/They) is a Data Engineer at Tinybird. He empowers developers to think creatively when building real-time data applications through demos, blogs, videos, or whatever else developers need.

Joe's career has taken him from building out database best practices and demos for MongoDB, architecting and building one of the largest eCommerce websites in North America at Best Buy, and teaching at one of the most highly-rated software development boot camps on Earth. Joe is also a TEDx Speaker, film buff, and avid TikToker and Tweeter.