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How Developers Should Think About the Emerging AI Stack

Ce Zhang Ce Zhang | CTO | Together
Ram Sriharsha Ram Sriharsha | CTO | Pinecone
Soheil Koushan Soheil Koushan | Member of Technical Staff | Anthropic

The purpose of the panel is to cover insights, challenges and opportunities in the nascent AI development stack, and to give application developers and tooling builders information on where AI development is heading, and the best ways to think about building AI-based applications deployable at internet scale.

Ce Zhang
Ce Zhang
CTO | Together

Ce is CTO at Together and an Associate Professor in Computer Science at ETH Zurich. The mission of his research is to make machine learning techniques widely accessible-​​​-​-​while being cost-​​efficient and trustworthy-​​​-​-to everyone who wants to use them to make our world a better place. He believes in a system approach to enabling this goal, and his current research focuses on building next-​​generation machine learning platforms and systems that are data-​​centric, human-​​centric, and declaratively scalable. Before joining ETH, Ce finished his PhD at the University of Wisconsin-​​​Madison and spent another year as a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford, both advised by Christopher Ré. His work has received recognitions such as the SIGMOD Best Paper Award, SIGMOD Research Highlight Award, Google Focused Research Award, an ERC Starting Grant, and has been featured and reported by Science, Nature, the Communications of the ACM, and a various media outlets such as Atlantic, WIRED, Quanta Magazine, etc.

Ram Sriharsha
Ram Sriharsha
CTO | Pinecone

Ram is currently the CTO at Pinecone. He previously served as the Director of Engineering at Pinecone, and prior to that served as Vice President of Engineering at Splunk, and as a Principal Research Scientist at Yahoo. Ram has a long history in the software development industry, having worked as an architect, lead product developer, and senior software engineer at various companies. He has a PhD in Physics from the University of Maryland.

Soheil Koushan
Soheil Koushan
Member of Technical Staff | Anthropic