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Give Rust a Chance

Slater Stich Slater Stich | Partner | Bain Capital

"How to write your first Rust module with Python bindings”, and pick something that’s of broad interest, like re-implementing some common data frame ops, doing some time series modeling, or something like that. The broader point/manifesto is that Rust-to-Python is fundamentally a way better experience than C-to-Python, and people who might not have ever thought of themselves as people who could dip into the C internals of numpy/scipy/pandas can actually write high-performance Rust modules. Join the revolution.

Slater Stich
Slater Stich
Partner | Bain Capital

Slater Stich partners with early-stage founders in infrastructure, with a focus on tools for data teams. He’s interested in practical products that make life better for the working software engineer, data scientist or other technical IC.