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Fireside Chat with DJ Patil

DJ Patil DJ Patil | Former U.S Chief Data Scientist |

DJ Patil is back by popular demand! Join us for a fireside chat with DJ, a pioneering figure in the field of data science. As the former U.S. Chief Data Scientist, Patil has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of big data and technology in government. This conversation will delve into his journey from building the data science team at LinkedIn to influencing data policies at the national level. Expect to gain unique insights on the evolution of data science, its impact on policy and governance and Patil's vision for the future of this rapidly evolving field from his perspective as both practitioner and investor.

DJ Patil
DJ Patil
Former U.S Chief Data Scientist | 

DJ Patil is an entrepreneur, investor, scientist, and leader in public policy. He has held senior roles in industry, academia, and government and his work has been featured in two Michael Lewis books (The Fifth Risk and Premonition). As a General Partner at GreatPoint Ventures he focuses on building companies in healthcare, enterprise technologies, and national security.