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Empowering Data Teams: A Step-by-Step Playbook for Leads and Managers

C.J. Jameson C.J. Jameson | Engineering Manager | Monte Carlo

Data Leaders! Find your own purpose for the teams and products you're building, and then inspire the team around you. C.J. Jameson, a Manager at Monte Carlo, will share the building blocks for a motivated data team. Small ideas become crisp proposals, and visionary thinking becomes meaningful OKRs. In between small & big, each manager and team lead needs to draw on their passion, align with their organization's purpose, and influence senior leadership's priorities. Learn actionable frameworks to scale team ROI, ensuring sustainable growth, happiness, and productivity.

C.J. Jameson
C.J. Jameson
Engineering Manager | Monte Carlo

C.J. Jameson is an Engineering Manager with Monte Carlo Data, specializing in broad observability for organizations with multi-tool data stacks. He comes with a background as an analyst, a consultant, and a devops tooling engineer. He loves geeking out with coworkers who are deep in their field, whether it's Postgres internals, visualization research, or the latest in LLMs. Outside of work, he plays soccer and chases his two boys.