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Driving Revenue By Getting Your Data Outside Your Company

Solomon Kahn Solomon Kahn | Founder & CEO | Delivery Layer

Business leaders are looking for stronger ROI out of their data teams, and data teams everywhere are asking themselves how they can drive more impact and revenue. For some data teams, part of the answer is actually generating revenue with your data vs. only being used to support internal decisions. But how do you even get started with this? Especially when the tools in the world of data are all built for internal use, and fall apart when data needs to leave your company. In this talk, I'll go through how I've seen companies successfully commercialize data, in big and small ways. We'll cover how to get started with a revenue generating data product, including the process and tools that can set you up for success.

Solomon Kahn
Solomon Kahn
Founder & CEO | Delivery Layer

Hi, I'm Solomon Kahn, Founder and CEO of Delivery Layer - a data startup that offers web applications and APIs for customer facing analytics products. My philosophy is that data isn't the hero - it's the sidekick. It's only valuable if it improves the lives of your customers, or helps someone make better decisions.

I live in New York with my wife Kelly, and our two kids.