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Data Culture as a Product

Abhi Sivasailam  Abhi Sivasailam | Founder & CEO | Levers Labs

Data Teams often talk about wanting to be "product" teams as opposed to "service" teams. The best way to really realize that shift is to think about every output a data team owns as a product, and to approach those products as a product manager would. In this talk, we'll explore one such "product" of a data team: the data culture of the organization. We'll approach data culture as a product growth problem and think through how to onboard, activate, and retain this product's "users" using frameworks used by the most effective growth teams. And we'll ground these practices in real initiatives that companies have used to build high-performance and truly data-driven organizations.

Abhi Sivasailam
Abhi Sivasailam
Founder & CEO | Levers Labs

Abhi is a Growth and Analytics leader who most recently led Product-Led Growth, Product Analytics, and Analytics Engineering at Flexport, where he helped to lead these and other functions through 10x growth over the past 3 years. Previously, Abhi led growth and data teams at Keap, Hustle, and Honeybook. Abhi is an active advisor and investor in the martech and data tech spaces and his unsolicited musings can be found on twitter @_abhisivasailam