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Build Faster, More Responsive Analytics with a Semantic Layer

Paco Valdez Paco Valdez | Solutions Architect | Cube
Tony Kau Tony Kau | Partner Solutions Architect | Cube

The demand from end-users for swift and responsive results has transitioned from a mere preference to an absolute necessity. As businesses strive to keep pace with these expectations, the narrative around achieving sub-second query performance unfolds not just as a set of guidelines but as a cornerstone for ensuring user satisfaction. Our presentation at Data Council Austin, led by Cube technical experts Paco Valdez and Tony Kau, will spotlight the transformative power of using a semantic layer in overcoming the challenge of slow queries. This session is meticulously crafted to navigate data professionals through the optimization journey, thereby ensuring faster, more responsive reporting that aligns with user expectations.

Paco Valdez
Paco Valdez
Solutions Architect | Cube

I help companies leverage BI Analytics, Data Science, and ML/AI to generate insights with real business impact. With over 10 years of experience in data engineering and architecture, I have a passion for solving complex data challenges and delivering innovative solutions.

Tony Kau
Tony Kau
Partner Solutions Architect | Cube

I help Partners and Customers get started and grow successfully on Cube.  With 15 years in the analytics space as both an analyst and a consultant, I love a good technical challenge and enjoy helping organizations build data products.