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Why You Shouldn’t Care About Iceberg

Ryan Blue Ryan Blue | Co-Founder & CEO | Tabular

Ryan Blue, co-creator of the Apache Iceberg project will try to convince you not to care about Iceberg: if you’re thinking about your table format, then it isn’t doing a good enough job.

This session will show how Iceberg solves real-world problems that used to take hours or days of time from data engineers and analysts:

  • Safe schema changes — no more zombie data columns
  • Layout evolution — update table partitioning without rewriting any queries
  • Hidden partitioning — safe and fast queries without being a DBA
  • Future work — current frustrations and how we’re making them disappear

Ryan Blue
Ryan Blue
Co-Founder & CEO | Tabular

Ryan is the co-creator of Apache Iceberg and spent the last decade working on big data formats and infrastructure at Netflix, Cloudera, and now Tabular. He is an ASF member and a committer in the Apache Parquet, Avro, and Spark communities.