Statistics, machine learning and programming are commonly referenced tools of the data science trade. A less often talked about, but entirely indispensable skill for building great data products is knowing what to build and why. In this talk, I will touch upon the increasing convergence between the skills of an effective data scientist and skills that have traditionally fallen in the realm of product management.

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Vitaly Gordon

Co-founder & CEO | Faros AI

Vitaly Gordon is the Co-founder & CEO of Faros AI. Prior to that Vitaly was VP of Machine Learning Engineering at Salesforce and the founder of Salesforce Einstein the world's most successful enterprise machine learning platform. Prior to Salesforce, Vitaly was a data science lead at LinkedIn, founded the data science team at LivePerson and worked in the elite 8200 unit, leading a team of researchers in developing algorithms to fight terrorism. His contributions have been recognized through a number of awards including the “Life Source” award, an award given each year deemed most high-impact in saving lives. Vitaly holds a B.Sc in Computer Science and an MBA from the Israeli Institute of Technology.

Vitaly Gordon