The Unreasonable Deceptiveness of Bad Data

Rigel Swavely, Senior Machine Learning Engineer | Clarifai

When we talk about data, it's easy to be optimistic - we're inundated with stories about how data has revolutionized business, industries, and governments. But if your data is bad, you're likely to end up worse off than if you had no data. Bad data has the power to cause us to have high confidence in bad decisions at massive scale.

This talk will look at the effect of bad data in a machine learning context. We'll cover what can happen when you have bad data and how you can use tools to avoid bad data the future.



Rigel Swavely

Senior Machine Learning Engineer | Clarifai

Rigel is Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Clarifai. Previously he worked as Software Engineer at Dataminr, Inc. He graduated from University of Pennsylvania in Computer Science.

Rigel Swavely