Metaflow was originally developed at Netflix to provide a user-friendly platform for a wide range of ML use cases from computer vision and NLP to classical statistics. Today, Metaflow is used by hundreds of companies from real estate and finance to biotech and drones. In this talk, we give a technical overview of Metaflow, showing how it helps data scientists to develop, deploy, and operate ML projects. We walk through an exciting array of new features in Metaflow, such as support for Kubernetes, model scorecards, a new monitoring GUI, and many others.

Ville Tuulos

CEO, Co-Founder | Outerbounds

Ville has been developing infrastructure for machine learning for over two decades. He has worked as an ML researcher in academia and as a leader at a number of companies, including Netflix where he led the ML infrastructure team that created Metaflow, a popular open-source framework for ML infrastructure. He is the co-founder and CEO of Outerbounds, a company developing modern human-centric ML. He is also the author of an upcoming book, Effective Data Science Infrastructure, published by Manning.

Ville Tuulos