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The history and anatomy of Apache Superset

Max Beauchemin Max Beauchemin | CEO | Preset

Open source projects can become complex living organisms that grow and bring large communities together. As Apache Superset grows to be 4 year old, we look back on the journey that brought the project to where it is today. More generally, we'll explore what it takes to grow an open source project, a community and a movement. We'll look at a retrospective of the design decisions, technology choices and engineering challenges that have shaped Superset. We'll also take a deep look into the current challenges the community is currently facing, and peak at what is ahead.

Max Beauchemin
Max Beauchemin
CEO | Preset

Maxime Beauchemin recently joined Lyft as a Software Engineer after some time at Airbnb as a data engineer developing tools to help streamline and automate data-engineering processes. He is also the creator and lead committer on Apache Airflow and Apache Superset. He mastered his data-warehousing fundamentals at Ubisoft and was an early adopter of Hadoop/Pig while at Yahoo in 2007. More recently, at Facebook, he developed analytics-as-a-service frameworks around engagement and growth-metrics computation, anomaly detection, and cohort analysis. He’s a father of three, and in his free time, he’s a digital artist.