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Teamwork Makes the (Open Source) Dream Work: the Power of Cross-community Collaboration

Kyle Eaton Kyle Eaton | Growth Lead | Great Expectations
Maggie Hays Maggie Hays | Founding Community Product Manager of DataHub | Acryl Data

Do you want to expand your reach, gain credibility, and enhance the value of an open-source product & community? Whether you’re building a community around your own product or are an individual contributor looking for ways to contribute to your favorite OSS project, it’s time to focus on cross-community partnerships! In this talk, we will share the core tenants of an effective partnership, including effective co-product development & marketing, leveraging expertise within your community, measuring success, and pitfalls to avoid. You’ll walk away from this talk with a better understanding of what makes for an effective partnership and a roadmap for getting started.

Kyle Eaton
Kyle Eaton
Growth Lead | Great Expectations

Kyle Eaton is the Growth Lead at Great Expectations. While at Great Expectations, Kyle has scaled the Great Expectations community from 0 to 9000+ Slack users, pioneered the Developer Relations team, and led the initiative for data ecosystem partnerships. Prior to Great Ex[ectatopms, Kyle has played the role of Lead UX Designer in health care, finance, and travel for just nearly a decade. Kyle co-founded and led product for Leapcure, a 500 Startups portfolio company. Kyle spends his spare time experimenting with fermentation, climbing rocks, hitting tennis balls, or playing disc golf. You can find him on Twitter

Maggie Hays
Maggie Hays
Founding Community Product Manager of DataHub | Acryl Data

Maggie Hays is the Community Product Manager for DataHub and part of the Founding Team at Acryl Data. She is passionate about building resources that allow data to be accessible, intuitive, and impactful for a wide spectrum of end-users so organizations can fully realize the power of data-backed decisions. Maggie is enthusiastic about providing opportunities for others to explore new technology, work collaboratively, and pursue life-long learning. You can find her regularly organizing data-focused hackathons, design sprints, mentoring programs, and more.